Sunday August 1st ride (Shelter Valley 50k)

This ride has been chosen from the Ganaraska Freewheelers route maps. Although It indicates a start and finish at the Marina, parking could be an issue so let’s modify it slightly and we’ll start at Donegan Park. It’s the long weekend and many people have summertime plans, but let’s see if at least a few riders can make it.

Here is the route map. Please take a moment to print it out for yourselves and bring it with you.

Click here for 51k Shelter Valley Route Map

Start time: 10:00

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14 Responses to Sunday August 1st ride (Shelter Valley 50k)

  1. Anita says:

    I plan to make it to the ride. Looks like good weather so far.

  2. Brian Hedney says:

    I will likely be there. I even recognize the route 🙂

  3. john howe says:

    anybody interested in starting at 11:00am as I am leaving Toronto that morning

  4. Paul Mills says:

    I plan to ride.

  5. Glen Fitchett says:

    There is a good chance I will be riding on Sunday. I will update you on Saturday.

  6. Glen Fitchett says:

    I will be at Donegan Park for the ride at 10a.m.

  7. Jamie Barnes says:

    Shelter Valley road may be under construction.
    The Cobourg Cycling Club mover the TT course Two weeks ago.
    I have to go past the road today. Check my facebook posts later this afternoon and I will report.

  8. Dan says:

    I’m in for the ride too! See you tomorrow at Donegan.

  9. Anita says:

    Vivian and I just rode that route on Thursday and there were about 4 or 5 pieces of Shelter Valley Road that were gravelly for about 10 metres each, but nothing that requires us to avoid it.

  10. Luke says:

    I will be there. I enjoyed my ride with Brian last week. Unfortunately we were the only ones who could make it.

  11. Jamie Barnes says:

    Yup. Just a few patches of Gravel 10 or 20 Metres long.

  12. Jamie Barnes says:
    Garmin Map of the Shelter Valley ride.
    Photos from the Shelter Valley Ride.

  13. John Howe says:

    Just got back from vacation and a wedding yesterday in Toronto so too late to join today’s ride. Anyone interested in a ride tomorrow morning? Will meet whenever or wherever is convenient


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