Sunday August 22nd (Looking for route suggestions)

Hello NH Cycling friends. It looks like a lot of people are away on vacations etc. so there been no decision about a route or distance for this coming Sunday, so it’s open for discussion here. If you are planning to ride this coming Sunday, do you have any suggestions? Anyone want to do a wee bit of planning and pick a route?

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12 Responses to Sunday August 22nd (Looking for route suggestions)

  1. barnesej says:

    What type of ride would you like? Hilly? Flat ? Distance?
    I have looked back through most of my old rides and most have some hills.
    If flat is the order South of the 401 is in order. Hills North of the 401.
    The above ride is close to home. Adding 20 or Even 30 KM would be fairly easy with lot of turnbacks available.

  2. barnesej says:

    Suggestion number 2.
    The plan with this route is to take people to see the hills, the skirt around the hills. There is a slight climb on Williamson road, and another from Harwood road to Community Centre Road in Baltimore.
    This route also has a lot of in town riding to familiarize people with different in town routes and just check out the local scenery.
    This would be a great first time route, An opportunity for people that have not been out with the group… Bring a friend?

  3. Anita and Randy says:

    Hello all,
    Randy and I won’t be out for this Sunday’s ride. I wish we could, but we’ll be at a friend’s cottage. However, I like Jamie’s idea for a route. (suggestion #2). It would be awesome if people encouraged some friends to come out as well and grow the group a little more.

    Have fun, everyone!
    Anita (and Randy too)

  4. Vivian says:


    We are away again, a birthday party!!

  5. Dan Knight says:

    Away as well…can’t make the next couple of Sundays. September?

  6. barnesej says:

    Danforth Road has just had a new layer of Chip-seal installed. Not nice for bicycles. Seems to me that Cobourg has a Triathlon approaching.
    Looks as if I will have to use the Race Track/ Division Street route to get to town.
    Or the Back way to Ontario Street. When does the Ontario St. construction start?

    • barnesej says:

      Danforth Road is not really too bad. the New coating only covers from Greer road to Jarvis road. For now that is.
      Danforth seems to be in Pretty good shape.

  7. barnesej says:

    Is anyone planning to make the ride?

  8. barnesej says:

    I will be at Donnegan Park on Sunday Morning. If anyone is planning to ride, See you there.

  9. barnesej says:

    Sunday may be a wet ride. Not too many (none) have signed up for the ride.
    This one seems to be a wash out.
    If the rain has ended by 9am I will ride past Donnegan to see if anyone is planning to ride.

  10. Paul Mills says:

    I will not be participating in this ride.

  11. Winston says:


    Sorry, I won’t be able to make it this Sunday.

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