Wednesday October 6 ride from Donegan Park, 9:30am

We got rained out today, anyone want to try again tomorrow Wednesday, 9:30 start from Donegan 40-50km

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7 Responses to Wednesday October 6 ride from Donegan Park, 9:30am

  1. JOhn Howe says:

    Sure,let’s give it a try.

  2. Jamie Barnes says:

    OK! I will be riding in and then riding after. 50 miles for 50 candles.

  3. vivianvandenhazel says:

    The sky looks quite dark again, I won’t be riding today, anyone want to try on Thursday? same time same place?

  4. barnesej says:

    I have checked the radar, it looks clear today, at least very little rain.
    I am heading out for a 50 miler today. Baltimore to Vernonville to Colborne along telephone road to Honey road and then back along waterfront or Hwy#2.
    I plan to leave at 9am so I will check back.

  5. vivianvandenhazel says:

    I ended up riding this afternoon, Wednesday, when it cleared, so the next day I will ride is Friday, I can go past Donegan at 9:30 and see if anyone else is there.

  6. barnesej says:

    I will be at Donnegan Park this morning.

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