ride Sunday November 7 meet at Donegan Park 10am

ride 50km, Sunday November 7 meet at Donegan Park, don’t forget daylight savings time ends today, fall behind!

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7 Responses to ride Sunday November 7 meet at Donegan Park 10am

  1. paul says:

    I plan to ride.

  2. JOhn Howe says:

    How does a 1pm start sound so we can avoid the early morning chill?

  3. Jamie Barnes says:

    Mountain bike ride in Northumberland forest today. Saturday November 6.
    The plan is to leave Alnwick Hill at 1pm.
    Two of us so far.
    If anyone would like to join in, let me know.
    Not a big hard ride. We will still have legs for Sunday’s ride.
    The afternoon temperature should be close to 5 degrees and no wind in the woods. Dress in layers.

  4. vivianvandenhazel says:

    I’ll be there for 10 this morning!

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