Monday, October 31st: Short Evening Ride (5:15pm)

It’s Halloweeeeeeeeeen night! And that leaves us with just two more evening rides folks, that’s all we’ve got left. (Don’t worry, there’ll still be our usual morning rides). Hey, if you wanna be in the spooky spirit, wear a fun costume for the ride.

As usual, don’t forget your lights. The ever shrinking daylight hours are forcing us to get started even earlier—if we want to get about an hour riding how about meeting at 5:15? That’ll give us enough time to get home and get ready to dish out the candy.

Start time: 5:15
Start location: The Mill Parking Lot
Route: Somewhere local. We’ll take a consensus from the riders who show up.

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6 Responses to Monday, October 31st: Short Evening Ride (5:15pm)

  1. Marianne says:

    Not sure if this is workable for tonight – and likely not Wednesday either…. but I will try !

  2. Pam Tate says:

    Where was everyone last Wednesday? Sadly, I was the only one who showed up. And, due to the lack of responses so far to tonight’s ride, the same thing may happen. I am planning on being there though, and if I have to ride alone, I will. But I’d be much happier if someone else came along! (hint hint)

  3. Pam Tate says:

    Actually, on second thought, if nobody else indicates by about 4:15 that they are going to show up, I’ll save myself the drive to Cobourg and just ride here closer to home.

  4. Marianne says:

    I won’t be making it – good call Pam

  5. anitamacklin says:

    Perhaps the Halloween business is keeping people at home tonght…..that’s my story, anyways. But I’m going to be there for sure on Wednesday. And if it rains or snows, or some other terrible thing, I’ll be at the Mill for food anyways.

    Hey, by the way, did ya notice on the home page there’s a place in the right hand column that indicates when I’m online so you can “chat live” with me when I’m available!

  6. barnesej says:

    Everything worked out OK. No one showed at the Mill.
    See ya Wednesday.

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