Nominations for NHCC Board of Directors for 2012

Hello everyone! Although the current Board of Directors have indicated that they are happy to continue their roles for 2012, according to club protocol, (you know…’s just the way it’s done!) we are opening up the board of director’s positions for election, or re-election if people so choose. And yes, you can nominate yourself if you so desire! Below are the current positions and their incumbents:

President: Randy Albon
Vice President: Anita Macklin
Secretary: Vivian VandenHazel
Treasurer: Paul Mills

Nominations will be accepted until November 10th. You can nominate simply by commenting below. Voting takes place at the AGM. 

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5 Responses to Nominations for NHCC Board of Directors for 2012

  1. Bruce B says:

    Will there be a set of by-laws or a constitution presented at the meeting?

  2. vivian says:

    I nominate Anita Macklin for Vice President, Randy Albon for President and Paul Mills for Treasurer and myself for Secretary

  3. Randy Albon says:

    In case anyone has any issues with Vivian nominating herself, I will re-doublize that nomination!
    So there….what do you think about that?

    The Prez

    • vivian says:

      is that a word? should the prez be inventing words? PS I have a knife to trade for putting the cleats on my shoes……….

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