Photos from our sunny, January 10th bike ride, north of Cobourg

We enjoyed every moment! Four of us headed out to Cornish Hollow Road and weaved our way around the countryside and eventually made it back to Cobourg. The sun shone the whole time and the road conditions were great other than a few tiny patches of ice in the permanently shady portions of the road. Can’t complain now, can we?

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3 Responses to Photos from our sunny, January 10th bike ride, north of Cobourg

  1. Jamie says:

    Amazing how you can miss some people after just a short time away from each other.
    Thanks for the Pic’s

    • anitamacklin says:

      Awwwwwwwwww……. 🙂

      We kept our eye out for you, ready to wave back as you drove by but all we saw was the Purolator guy who seemed to follow us the whole way.

  2. Cobourg is a fantastic place for bike riding whether you are a competitor or just enjoy a leisurely ride along the shoreline. I was at the triathlon this past summer at the beach, and I was surprised to see Cobourg racers actually placing in the top 3. There were a LOT of weddings going on that weekend and there were a wedding party down there to greet one of the participants – was funny to see the bride there. Maybe she had to get to the wedding right after, lol. I guess I notice those things being I’m a disc jockey and I DJ a lot of weddings.

    I don’t know how they get the energy to do the triathlons, but somehow when I ride my bicycle I can ride full-speed for a very long time and I don’t tire. But don’t ask me to run – I can’t make it 1/2 a block before I’m tired out.

    You cyclists look great and I hope to see you out there again this summer!

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