Pancake Ride! Sandy Flat Sugar Bush—Sunday, March 11, 2012

Its maple syrup time, and weather permitting, we’re going to ride from Baltimore to Sandy Flat Sugar Bush, eat some pancakes then pedal home. The route is approximately 60km—but you can cut that distance in half by starting in Centreton at the library if preferred. If weather makes the cycling impossible, it’s their Maple Syrup Festival, so we’re still going to meet at the sugar shack for Pancakes even if it means arriving by car!

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Check out the route: Sandy Flats Breakfast route map

Starting place (for the 60k): Baltimore Community Center (10:30am)
Starting place (for the 30k): Centreton Library (11:15)
Anticipated arrival at the Sugar Shack: 12:30pm

Admission to the Festival is $4.00 and another $7.00 if you are partaking in the pancake breakfast.

Location of Sandy Flat Sugar Bush map here

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21 Responses to Pancake Ride! Sandy Flat Sugar Bush—Sunday, March 11, 2012

  1. marianne says:

    IF I’m not in an arena, I’ll be there… 60 km ??? really ??? not sure about that option!

  2. barnesej says:

    I thought we would meet at Baltimore Arena and then Centreton Library.

  3. barnesej says:

    Please note that Sandy Flat Pancake will not have automobile parking this weekend. If you plan to attend without riding to the Sugar bush, the parking will be in Warkworth at the winter festival where you will be bused to the site.
    We have permission to ride to Sandy Flat for breakfast.

  4. barnesej says:

    So far we have three or four interested in the ride. Please do not drive to the Sugar bush on this weekend. No Parking will be provided as this is the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival weekend. If you would like to attend the Sugar Bush but not ride your bike, please meet the bus in Warkworth.

    We have at least one non member interested in the ride.

  5. marianne says:

    I’ll be going from Centreton – anyone else? Pam?

  6. Sharon says:

    If the weather is good I will be in for the ride!

    • Randy Albon says:

      Hello Sharon. Great to have you along. Please note that if you are not already a NHCC member we would ask that you join up prior to the ride. All you need to do is download the membership form and the waiver from this site and bring a cheque or cash in the amount of $42 with you for the 2012 season. If you are already a 2012 OCA member with another club please note that you only need to pay the club membership fee of $15 and show your membership card. I regret that we need to enforce these rules otherwise it puts the whole club at risk if non OCA riders are found to be incuded in a ride.
      Hope to see you Sunday!
      Randy Albon

      • Sharon says:

        Hi Randy. Thank you, I’m looking forward to the ride. I joined NHCC last year and paid the OCA membership fee as well. I’m not sure when/if it has expired? I gave the cheque and paperwork to Anita on a ride in May or June at the Mill last year. If I have to complete the forms and pay the $42 again I will be happy to do so. Can you please let me know if the forms/fee has expired? I assume it’s a yearly fee then? Thanks again.

        • Randy says:

          Hello Sharon, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Unfortunately the OCA coverage is only valid from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. We base our club memberships in the same way for simplicity. They do not prorate their insurance premiums therefore it would cost as much to be covered for the remainder of the riding season if you signed up in November as it would if you signed up in May.
          Therefore we are asking all members for $42 for this years season. $27 of which goes to the OCA.
          Hope to see you on Sunday for all the pancakes we can eat!

  7. barnesej says:

    So far three girls and me. More Data may be needed, but a pattern seems to be forming.
    Right now the weather is calling for Sunny and 7°C.

  8. Anita Macklin says:

    More data received……Randy and I are in!
    9° and SUNSHINE! Hey, we’ll feel like we’re riding in the South of France with Vivian and Maria!
    No short route for us. We’re in for the whole 60k.

  9. barnesej says:

    Check the weather report for Sunday… Bring a camera, wewill be talking about this one for a long time

  10. barnesej says:

    Sunday Itinerary.
    Wake up and remember you forgot to move the clock AHEAD one hour.
    10:30 AM Leave Baltimore Community Centre
    11:15 Arrive Centreton Library.
    After Centreton the Schedule can fall to pieces as the day will be Sunny and warm and this will be a Joy Ride.
    Don’t forget to bring little cash to pay for the entrance and Pancakes.
    A little mud at the Sugar shack is to be expected. Be careful where you walk. Wet feet on the way home would not be nice. Bring your camera.
    See you there.

  11. Tim Scanlon says:

    Love to go however I’ll be cycling in Port Elgin with family.

    Have a great time!

    I look forward to our next ride.

  12. barnesej says:

    Remember we will be putting out a little energy. Don’t over dress. The first Kilometre should feel a little chilly. Down hills should feel a little chilly. Try to stay away from Cotton.
    The clocks spring forward this weekend.

  13. Anita Macklin says:

    So far, it’s still predicting 13° and nothing but SUNSHINE! So, being that it’s currently 0° the weather’s gotta get real warm real quick! But I have faith….
    Wonder if it’ll be muddy? I wonder if I should strap a pair of crocs to my bike somehow?
    Very important (and note to self) don’t forget to move the clocks ahead, or we’ll get to the start point and everyone will be long gone. 🙂 Just sayin……

  14. marianne says:

    am I the only one starting in Centreton ? Also – if I feel like riding all the way back to Baltimore, maybe some kind soul could shuttle me back to my car? See you all just after 11 in Centreton!

  15. James Barnes says:

    Last count was 9 riders. Bring your camera and don’t forget water and money… and enthusiasm.

  16. marianne says:

    I can’t go ! My son won his hockey game last night so the team is in the A championships in a tournament in Brighton. He’s with his dad but I should be there too… (But hey, there’ll be other 13 degree in March with pancakes perfect riding days right???)

    • marianne says:

      I will maybe head out from Baltimore at 1:30 (when I get back from the game) & meet up with all of you on your return trip – so don’t change the route ! there’s an idea !! and I won’t get muddy… or fed…

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