EASY RIDE: Monday May 21, 7:00pm (The Mill parking lot)

Easy Ride! (and I’ll bet you’re happy to hear that if you’re one of those who did the hills on the other side of Hwy 28 today) It’s the long weekend, and while all those people are battling it out on the 401 trying to get back home from the cottage, we’ll be out riding our bikes and eating ice cream (or frozen yogurt if that’s your style). Yes, that’s right, ice cream! Bring a few toonies with you on this ride because we’re going to take a break down near the pier at that wonderful little ice cream joint. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope the rain holds off.

Start time: 7:00pm
Location: The Mill restaurant parking lot
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Route: To be determined

Please comment below to say you’re coming!

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6 Responses to EASY RIDE: Monday May 21, 7:00pm (The Mill parking lot)

  1. Maria Garrett says:

    See you then! The ice cream shop will probably not be as busy as it is today, rode around town and past the beach to get the 100 in and it is super busy down there!

  2. Pam Tate says:

    I’ll be there too if the rain holds.

  3. James Barnes says:

    Tam will be there. She will be bringing me too

  4. Lisa says:

    I plan to join in this evening as well. Looking forward to a flat ride!

  5. Marianne says:

    I’m hoping to be there – just have to get a bit more work done !

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