EASY RIDE: Monday May 28, 7:00pm (The Mill parking lot)

Easy Ride! We will add a little “country” this time and go out to Cornish Hollow and Racetrack Rd. No crazy hills, just slight inclines.

By the way, Monday is “Ride your Bike to Work” day in Cobourg, so we might even see a few more cyclists on the road on Monday! It’s also Ride Your Bike to School day.

Start time: 7:00pm
Location: The Mill restaurant parking lot
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Route: To be determined

The weather is forecasting thunder storms & rain, but we know it’s a lie. We’ve all got browning lawns and sprinklers going to prove it. So, let’s hope it’s dry for the ride!

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9 Responses to EASY RIDE: Monday May 28, 7:00pm (The Mill parking lot)

  1. Kathryn Crichton says:

    Sounds great – had a little miss-adventure out there on Saturday during my first encounter with Clossen Road. Found it by mistake – won’t do that again. Looking forward to riding with the group.

  2. Pam Tate says:

    If it’s not raining and if my daughter doesn’t need the car, I’ll be there. Good job on Crossen Rd Kathryn!

  3. Lorna Dickson says:

    Hope to be there Monday if its not raining!

  4. vivian says:

    I’ll ride if it is dry

  5. Maria Garrett says:

    I’ll be there if it’s not raining.

  6. Roy Martin says:

    I will be there if no rain.

  7. rich says:

    Hi Anita,
    Should be there tonight, any chance you could bring me that jersey I ordered. thanks.
    Also, Brian and Kim Howson will be joining us. I believe they wish to join the club. I gave them the lowdown on club policy.


  8. David says:

    It is an evening that is too good to let it pass without a bike ride!

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