EASY RIDE: Wednesday May 9, Donegan Park 7:00pm

We took the chance on Monday night and didn’t get rained out, so we’ll take the chance again. Nothing to strenuous, nothing to long…..this ride is a casual ride for riders of all ability. As usual with our Easy Rides, we will travel along as a group, share some yakkity yak and have fun. All weather dependent of course.—the weather sounds a little sketchy at the moment. Keep your eye on the radar. If there’s a 40% chance of rain, that means there’s a 60% chance it won’t rain! How’s that for optimism?

Start time: 7:00pm
Location: Donegan Park
Ride Leader: To be determined.
Route: To be determined by ride leader

Please comment below to say you’re coming!

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10 Responses to EASY RIDE: Wednesday May 9, Donegan Park 7:00pm

  1. Pam Tate says:

    Sorry I missed Monday’s ride. I had my bike clothes on and everything but it started raining here about 20 minutes before I was planning on leaving. I guess the rain didn’t make it as far as Cobourg. Darn. I’ll be there tonight whether it is raining here or not!

  2. nelsoncaron says:

    No Rain! No Rain! I’ll try and be there.

  3. Anita Macklin says:

    Here we are again…. Slaves to the radar…..its not looking too good out there at the moment. The radar seems to indicate instability till about 8pm tonight.

  4. Anita Macklin says:

    It just looks too likely to rain for me… I am going to stay home tonight and keep my shoes dry for tomorrow mornings ride.

  5. Pam Tate says:

    OK, I lied. It’s raining here but I’m not going.

  6. James Barnes says:

    What is weather call on the ride?

    • Anita Macklin says:

      We never cancal a ride, but this rainy biz may keep some at home (myself included). We don’t officially have a ride leader for tonight, so those who show up to ride will just be “freestyling it”

    • Anita Macklin says:

      Btw, thw radar sh.ows yet another green blob hovering over cobourg for the next hour and a bit, so if you ride you will likely get wet.

  7. Anita Macklin says:

    Not fair! The radar lied and it looks awesome out there and i am sitting at home!

  8. nelsoncaron says:

    There was two of us who stuck out the little bit of sprinkles. I stopped right at 7:00. We just rode around town and called it a day. Sorry no one else came out. It turned out to be a nice evening.

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