Thursday May 17, Ride from Bewdley (25, 49 or 96km)

We’ve got three distances to choose from. The 49km regular route starts in Bewdley at and there’s an option to shorten the ride to 25km if you prefer to ride at a more “scenic” pace. There’s also an extended option**, adding distance both before and after the regular route. Take a look at the descriptions below so you can anticipate in advance which group you might want to ride with.

The Scenic Group:
If you like to take your time, riding slower and taking in the scenery, the 25km route is recommended for you. This group will ride together, making sure to not leave anyone behind. We would appreciate a volunteer to lead this ride! Please comment below if you’re on board. 

Regular Group:
The 49km route is for those of you who want to ride a little longer. There may be occasional stops to re-group, and you’ll see some of the best scenery around. There’s an opportunity to re-load drinks and grab some snacks at the Harwood Store.

The Non-Stoppers
Need we say more? The non-stoppers may ride 49 (or 96km), and will likely be moving it along at a rapid pace. If you wish to try riding in this group, by all means do so….there’s the nice safety net of being able to fall back to the Regular Group if they leave you in the dust!

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Bewdley Arena
Route Map: “The Scenic Route” (35, 48, or 94km options)  route map here

**Extended option (96km)
Start at The Mill Restaurant at 8:45. That will give you 75 minutes to ride the 23 km required to reach the start point in Bewdley. And of course you’ll need to ride back again afterward.  🙂

Please reply below and mention which group you might choose to ride with.


    • Hey Pam,
      The route map shows 35km for the short route, but there’s still the option to make it 25 if you wish.

    • The map shows a 35 km short route, but I’ll show you tomorrow how to make it 25 if that’s what you want to do. It would mean you don’t head over to Harwood.

  1. I’m planning on doing the 49k!!! I hope…36k has been my longest so far so we’ll see how it goes…

  2. I will plan to ride from the Mill and do the regular ride up into Bewdley and back, with likely a little extra.

  3. I just got called in to work on Thursday so I won’t be able to lead the short ride. Sorry, but you know I’d rather be riding!

  4. I am coming on the ride, but I’m not exactly sure where I will start from because I have to do some kid shuffling around before the ride starts.

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