Sunday July 1st Ride: “Grafton East” (31km 36km 51km or 75km) *New Start time

**Don’t forget that the new REGULAR start time is 9:00am**

It’s July! That means that our starting time is moving a little earlier in the morning to escape a bit of the summer heat. It will now be 9:00am instead of 10:00 am until September 1st. Soooooo…. don’t be showing up at the start point for 10, wondering where everyone is  🙂

Like Thursday’s ride, if you want to do 75km, you’ll start earlier than everyone else, riding from Cobourg to the start point in Grafton. (That will mean 8:20 for the 75km route.)

Start time: 9:00am (regular group) or 8:20 (75km group)
Start location: Grafton Arena on Hwy 2 (Donegan Park for the 75k group)
Route Map: “Grafton East” route map here

Pack Leader (Non-stoppers): Need a volunteer
Pack Leader #1 (Regular group): Need a volunteer
Pack Leader #2 (Regular group) (if needed): Need a volunteer
Pack Leader (Scenic group): Need a volunteer 

The “Tour de Northumberland Hills” is starting!
By the way, the Tour de France starts on Saturday, which means that Sunday is Stage 1 of the “Tour de Northumberland Hills” too. So, if you ride the required 19.8 km or more you can enter your distance on the spreadsheet and be entered for the weekly draw prize! The regular club rides do count you know!

Please indicate if you are planning to ride and where you will start from so others can plan too. Also, please mention if you can be a pack leader.


  1. I will not be here to ride on Sunday…..I’ll be sitting at a friend’s cottage watching sunsets, swimming, and listening to the loons. That goes for Randy, Liam, and Luke too.

  2. If enough people want to do this ride I will be more than happy to lead a group. If not, I will join one of the many rides with other clubs on Sunday or if anyone would like to ride from Sunnybrook Hospital down the bike paths to watch the CHIN bike race at the CNE grounds, I’d be up for that! That ride will be slow and a stop at the Distillery District for lunch and a cold beer is a must:)!!

  3. IMPORTANT: Eddystone Rd. is part of the route, but as the Thursday riders discovered, they’ve laid some loose gravel on the road. It’s somewhat rideable, but we choose to return to Shelter Valley Rd. and continue along the route that way. Please review the map and consider this as an alternative. Pipeline Rd. may be a possibility to turn left onto before Eddystone but there was a construction sign down the road so it’s unknown what the surface conditions there might be.

  4. I would like to join this ride on Sunday. Starting from Donegan sounds good but I think I would have to leave by 7am to get to Grafton in time to join the group.

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