Thursday June14: Ride (37 or 55km) Start time: 10:00am

The last few rides have had some hill climbing, so perhaps we’ll make this one a nice easy flat-ish route. Heading out to Wicklow Beach and beyond then returning. Easy stuff and you can go as far or as short as you want. If you do only what’s on the map, you’ll cover about 37km. It’s easy to extend the route and go all the way into Colborne and back, the benefit being that you can grab a drink at the store. (totalling about 55km) Don’t let that distance scare you—it’s easy riding!

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Donegan Park
Route Map: Wicklow Beach and Back route map here
Ride Leader: To be determined (Anyone want to volunteer?)

Please indicate if you are planning to ride in the morning so we can anticipate numbers.


  1. What a great ride this morning! I made it all the way to Colborne, which is the farthest I’ve biked yet! Thanks for all the support and encouragement from my riding buddies…….you made it possible for me!

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