EASY RIDE: Monday July 23rd, 7:00pm

Something new: This time we’re going to try leaving it up to you fabulous club members who like to ride on Monday’s to talk amongst ourselves (via the comments below) and decide on a route. Starting and finishing however, at the Arena on Furnace St.

It may be a small turnout this Monday due to the fact that some of the regulars are cycling down in New York State and others might be attending the Cycle Transitions meeting.

But if you are available and you want to ride, why not get the conversation going about a route!  🙂

Start time: 7:00pm
Location: Cobourg Memorial Rink and Recreation Centre
Ride Leader: Volunteer Needed 

Let’s see how this “self-organization” method works out….


  1. An easy “about town” ride, starting at Furnace Street:
    – ride to Spring, Hibernian and follow bike trail to Lakeshore east;
    – ride to Coverdale, take Hamilton to King Street east;
    – ride to Willmott Street to Park, follow path to end and take road back to King Street ( hwy 2);
    – follow #2 back to Hamilton, follow along lakeshore, to D’Arcy Street;
    – ride on Queen, to Albert, to Ontario Stree;
    – continue on King west to the extreme end;
    – turn and follow King back to Burnham south to Peace Park, to Durnham and north back to Furnace

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