“Friends for Life” Bike Rally through Port Hope/Cobourg on Monday

Hello all! Apologizing for the fact that this is very much last-minute, but that’s what happens when the webmaster has no internet access for an entire week.

There’s been a request for members of the NHCC to ride alongside the Friends for Life Bike Rally ride that’s coming through Port Hope and Cobourg tomorrow morning (Monday, July 30th).

More than 400 people have embarked on a six-day, 600 km journey from Toronto to Montreal. Riders of all ages and levels of experience and crew supporting a variety of activities along the route will unite in their passion to support people living with HIV/AIDS.

If you are able to throw on your NHCC jersey and support this great cause, please arrive at Port Hope Bicycle for 8:00 am where we will ride to the starting point on Lakeshore Rd. We hope to have riders accompany the folks through Port Hope and Cobourg, as far as Archers Rd. or beyond.

Location: Port Hope Bicycle
Time: 8:00am

Please mention below if you are able to go. Don’t forget to wear your NHCC jersey!


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