Thursday August 9th: “Rice Lake Ramble” (61, 74, or 87 km)

This is the ride that essentially got washed out this past weekend due to the stormy weather that kept most of us at home, so we will do it on Thursday. The Rice Lake Ramble  is a classic Freewheelers route. Three distances to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. The start location will be at the Arena on Furnace St. rather than the Marina as indicated on the map

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: The Arena on Furnace St.
Route Maps Below:
Long route (87 km)
Medium route (74 km)
Short route (61km)

Please comment below to let others know which distance you plan to do. It’s the best way to ensure that you will have others to ride with!

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10 Responses to Thursday August 9th: “Rice Lake Ramble” (61, 74, or 87 km)

  1. Mike Mclellan says:

    I plan to ride the 61 km route. I have to back into town by noon

  2. Jim Keill says:

    I will join the long route

  3. Maria Garrett says:

    I plan on riding, probably the long route.

  4. Paul Mills says:

    I plan to ride 61k route.

  5. James M. says:

    I plan on riding (weather permitting). Not sure whether it’ll be the 87 or the 74 though.

  6. Maria Garrett says:

    Home just in time! :). Great ride – nice to add the Jamieson twins to the list of “done that”. Hope you got your tire fixed up Jim.

    • Jim Keill says:

      George worked on it for about 30 minutes and got most of the bend out of the rim but isn’t happy because in order to do so he had to end up with a couple of loose spokes to accomodate the bend. We’ll see how this works on the weekend.

      • Mike Mclellan says:

        Last night I was trying to figure out what part of my body caused the damage to your rim. This morning it is quite evident. Can I split the cost of the repair with you as I was the cause of your woes?

        • Jim Keill says:

          Hey Mike. Thanks for the offer but you were trying to help me with my seat problem at the time and besides accidents happen. Did you end up with a lot of spoke marks? How was the rest of the ride? It sounds like you made it back before the rain hit. Will you be riding on Sunday?

          • Mike Mclellan says:

            I’m hoping to ride on Sunday as long as the rail holds off. We had to ride through a bit of rain on Thurs. Unfortunetly it made the Jameson’s even harder than normal.
            On the spoke front I didn’t realize i could get a bruise with the shape of a spoke.
            C U on Sunday

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