Monday Sept. 17th: Start at Cycle Transitions (New time: 6:00)

Due to the shorter days, the new start time is 6:00pm.

The NHCC has a new system of delivering route maps to you, and they including elevation charts providing a visual of the ride’s hills. So, take a moment, print out the new route map beforehand and look it over. It’s 25km long with a few Danforth Rd. hills on the first half but the last half is pretty darn flat.

A little note about Hills
Don’t let hills scare you, and don’t worry ’bout other riders making it to the top before you—the plan is to take them as sloooooow as as necessary for you. We wait at the top for everyone to catch up and nobody minds at all if you need a few more breaks. Also don’t let those spandex-wearing road-bikers intimidate you—if you are riding a mountain bike, it’s understood that you are working harder than some in order to get up those hills.  Some of those fancy schmancy road bikes don’t have teeny tiny gear in the front so they are forced to take the hills faster.  🙂

Start time: 6:00
Start location: Cycle Transitions on D’Arcy St. Click here for details of their location
Route: 25 km route map here, complete with elevation chart

If you’re coming on the ride, please comment below to let us know.

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4 Responses to Monday Sept. 17th: Start at Cycle Transitions (New time: 6:00)

  1. Heather says:

    Heather and I are planning on riding. See you shortly before 6:00.

  2. David says:

    I am planning on riding.

  3. Paul Mills says:

    i plan to ride

  4. Kathryn Crichton says:

    hope everyone will be okay with waiting while I recover from the climbs :o) I will be riding tonight.

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