NHCC Century Ride: 160km, 100km or 62km (Sunday September 23rd)

Due to uncertain weather tomorrow, the Century Ride will NOT be happening. There will however, be a regular club ride posted for 10:00am for those who wish to ride. Sorry ’bout that, folks.

It’s here! The First Annual NHCC Century Ride. If you’re ready for the BIG one, we’ve got a route that will take you on an imperial Century (160.9km). For the less crazy folks, there’s the metric Century (100km). And for those who are new to long distances you can still be part of the ride. The 62km route will take you along the first part of the route. (Please monitor weather forecasts: persistent rain may result in postponement)
The Routes
All three distances head out along the Waterfront Trail. The 62k group turns around after the first Rest Stop in Colborne, the 100k group goes to the lighthouse in Presqu’ile then back, and the 160km group exits Presquile then takes a 60km loop that takes you down to Consecon and beyond, returning to the park entrance and then back to Cobourg.

The route is FLAT! The highest elevation is 175m which is baby-stuff when you are used to riding around here.

Rest Stops and Support Vehicle
There will be rest stops in Colborne and Presqu’ile, providing riders with fresh fruit, trail mix, gatorade, ice and water (provided by the NHCC). If you wish to have the support vehicles carry other items for you, please bring them to the start point in a small bag labelled with your name. The designated rest stops and their approximate distance will be as follows:
62km route: Colborne (32km)
100km route: Colborne (31km), Presqu’ile Park Entrance (44km) and Colborne (69km)
160km route: Colborne (32km), Presqu’ile Park Exit (59km) and Consecon (92km), Presqu’ile Park(115km), Colborne (130km)

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: The Arena on Furnace St.
Route Maps: Will be posted soon

In order to ensure enough supplies at rest stops, its important that you respond below and let us know you are coming! Thanks!


  1. Randy and I will ride the 160km.

    A big Thank-you to Klaus, and John & Cindy Howe who have volunteered to provide SAG wagon/rest stop support.!! 🙂

  2. I would love to ride the 160 but due to friends from out of town arriving I have to decline
    Good luck to all riders no matter what distance they ride.

  3. Hi Anita,
    I am sorry to say, that due to some health issues Kelly is currently dealing with, she will not be able to act as a volunteer for this ride. I will not be riding either, maybe next year. Wish things were different. Good luck to everyone who is riding.

  4. Anita and Vivian and I are watching the weather closely and will make the decision but late afternoon today whether we support the ride tomorrow …… stay tuned!

  5. To help us with our decision please weigh in as to whether or not you are even considering the ride tomorrow. Although the forecast does predict the possibility of rain it appears to be very little actual precipitation will fall …. HOWEVER the high is going to be around 14 deg C with winds out of the west gusting around 30-35Km hr.
    Even if the ride is a go we need to get an idea as to how much food to buy and prepare and how much support will be required.
    Please give us some indication even if your still a “maybe”.

  6. I’m going to say “no”. Unfortunately it’s not going to be the really nice day weather-wise that I was hoping for. Another time for sure!

  7. Just so you know, I will gladly be the sag wagon for tomorrow whatever the weather. If I was riding I’d probably be happy to ride to Consecon, but not back against that nasty wind. If you like, I could follow you to Consecon and then drive in front of the group so you could “draft” behind me…Ha!

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