RIDE in Port Hope—Tuesday September 4th Easy Ride (6:30pm)

Let’s hope the weather cooperates (even though our gardens could use a little rain) If you are riding, please make sure you have a light on both the front and back of your bike because it’s getting darker earlier now. This will be an Eeeeeeeeaaaaassy ride.  🙂

Start time: 6:30 pm (6:00 from Canadian Tire Cobourg)
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall
Ride leader: Heather and Brendan (Thanks, guys!)

Please comment below if you are riding, especially if you are wanting to meet and ride from Canadian Tire.


  1. The local press is saying that there is the Police rally and march in the area of the Town Hall and Memorial Park this evening. They expect to arrive at the park at 6:20

  2. Oo-o-o boy! Men in uniforms! Could be interesting…better make sure we all have bells on our bikes or there may be a lot of fines handed out. It is raining like mad here at the moment which makes the gardener in me very, very happy. But if it keeps up, the biker chick in me will be staying home tonight.

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