The upcoming NHCC AGM

The AGM is set to happen in November. By all reports, last year’s was a lot of fun. Please take a moment to answer TWO questions to help us with planning.

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4 Responses to The upcoming NHCC AGM

  1. Bruce B says:

    I only saw one question.

    • Bruce B says:

      It was the dinner question. However, when I got to this page, I was able to answer the date question, as well. A bit weird.

  2. Maria Garrett says:

    My first (and unlisted) choice would be hors d’ouvres which would keep the cost down for everyone and allow us to mingle.

    • vivianvandenhazel says:

      If we really wanted to keep the cost down most would have voted for potluck, which did not happen as 38.7% voted for catered and 32.26% don’t care either way! Another way to keep the cost down would be if some one offered their home so we did not have to rent a hall.!

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