Thursday Sept. 27: Ride from Donegan Park

It’s the time of year when we leave the route and distance up to group consensus. It’s supposed to be 16° and sunny, so there’s just no reason to sit at home! Let people know where you’d like to ride by using the commenting section below. And if you’re looking to ride at a nice leisurely pace, be sure to mention that too….you might just convince someone else out there to come on out, especially if they know there’s someone who likes to ride at your pace!

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Donegan Park
Route: To be determined

Please mention below if you wish to ride.

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5 Responses to Thursday Sept. 27: Ride from Donegan Park

  1. Bruce B says:

    The forecast looks pretty good for Thursday so I am in for the ride. I don’t have a preferred route but a few hills to warm us up might be nice.

  2. paul mills says:

    I plan to ride on my new tires from the Bike Shop. I have to be back by noon.

  3. vivianvandenhazel says:

    I’d like to ride 40-50 km, not sure of a route but hills would be good.

  4. Roy Martin says:

    Roy & Dave will ride but will not be ripping up the road but we do have a route in mind that is about 45kl

  5. Jim Keill says:

    I’m in for a couple of hours

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