Thursday September 6th: Ride from Donegan Park (10am)

There is no planned route for Thursday. It’s more of a “freestyle” day where you have the opportunity to make a planned route via the commenting below. All you have to do is specify the route you want to take, get a few to agree, and it’s done!

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Donegan Park
Route: To be determined by group consensus

If you have a route suggestion, please make a suggestion.

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6 Responses to Thursday September 6th: Ride from Donegan Park (10am)

  1. Maria Garrett says:

    I’ll be there if it’s not raining. What about doing a version of “it’s all downhill from here”? It can be shortened or lengthened if need be and we’re already at the east end of town.

  2. Mike Mclellan says:

    I plan to ride unless it rains
    For a route how about Harwood via “The Jamiesons” (With a quick stop for a butter tart)

  3. Paul Mills says:

    I plan to ride. How about Bickle and Beyond !!! Weather permitting.

  4. Anita Macklin says:

    Bickle Hill it is then! I’m into that! That route map also has the Jamiesons, so we’ll be working hard. See you at Donegan.

  5. Jim Keill says:

    I hope to meet up at Theatre Road is I can get my gear to dry in time (I’m currently running them through the washer).

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