Wednesday Sept. 12th: Easy ride starting at Cycle Transitions

This Wednesday we’ll start the Easy Ride at Cycle Transitions on D’Arcy St. just like Monday. Again, if you show up at 6:00 Rick will open the doors and you can check out the facility. It’s a fabulous setup that they have there, definitely worth seeing.

Sunrise and Sunset
There’s a new feature in the right hand column of the website—a link to the official Sunrise and Sunset times so that you refer to it before heading out. The law requires that we have lights on 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes after sunrise. This is the time of year when we are affected the most.

Start time: 6:30 for the ride (6:00 if you want to check out Cycle Transitions)
Start location: Cycle Transitions on D’Arcy St. Click here for Cycle Transitions location
Route: to be determined

If you’re coming on the ride, please comment below to let us know. Can you lead the ride? If so, please let us know that too.


  1. The leg is feeling better, so I am hoping to ride. Mike, I have the item that you requested to be picked up at a bike store in the City.

  2. Would anyone like to leave a little early? Get a few extra KMS? Ride a little and arrive at transitions at the start time.

  3. Jamie, I’d like to put in a few more kilometres and could start the ride at 6:00. Just let me know where and I’ll be there. (But you know that it will be a slow half hour riding with me, right?)

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