Thursday Oct. 25th: (28, 45 or 63km) Ride at 10am

This route has three distance options for you to choose from. Or, decide once you’re out there! There will be two speed groups: the Non-stoppers and the Scenic Group. If you head out with the non-stoppers but find it too fast, you are welcome to drop back and join in with the Scenic Group. Please indicate which group you hope to ride with.

Ride Leaders
We’ll be looking for someone to volunteer to lead the Scenic Group. Any takers? We tend to not have designated “Ride Leaders” for the Non-stop group because riders in that group are expected to be more self-sufficient, although we encourage all riders to be equipped with the essentials (route map, spare tube, etc.)

Route Maps
We’ll also take this opportunity to remind everyone that having a printout of the map with you while on a ride is important. It allows you to bail out of a route if necessary, and also provides a way out if you inadvertently find yourself lost. A really low-tech way of keeping it available to refer to is to attach it to your cable at the front of your bike with a clothes pin. Simple, huh?

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Parking lot behind the Dutch Oven
Route Map: “Tour de Baltimore 2” route map here
Ride Leader for the Scenic Group: To be determined. Volunteers?

Please let us know if you are able/willing to be the Scenic Group ride leader and also if you are planning to ride.

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10 Responses to Thursday Oct. 25th: (28, 45 or 63km) Ride at 10am

  1. Paul Mills says:

    I plan to ride but need to be back at 11 45.

  2. Brian howson says:

    I will be there

  3. Mary Daly says:

    I plan to come along. I would prefer to hit the 45, but will see how it goes. I am a scenic rider. I would like to enjoy to journey!

  4. Jim Pare says:

    I will lead the Scenic ride, for those who wish to ride the ‘medium’ route.

  5. Luke says:

    I open to the scenic ride as well

  6. Maria Garrett says:

    See you there – I’ll probably do the 63 if anyone else is doing it.

  7. Anita Macklin says:

    20° and sunny says the weather man! I’m in! See you all there.

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