Sunday Nov. 18th: Ride at 10am

The weather says it’s going to be sunny and somewhat warm for this time of year. For those who are still getting out there for rides, we’ll leave from the Park on Carlisle Ave. between Westwood and Ewing and head west toward Port Hope then along the waterfront trail till you feel like turning around and coming back.

So that will leave the distance up to you. Use the commenting section below to let others know you are riding and how far you might want to go. It helps to know if you will have others to ride with!below.

Start time: 10:00am

Start location: The Park on Carlisle between Westwood and Ewing.

Route Map: Not necessary, we follow the Waterfront Trail.


  1. Hwy 2 to Port Hope is very gravelly and dirty due to farm traffic I don’t think this is a good route for tomorrow.

    • It is under rides from Bewdley on Brian’s website. I like the ride to Harwood from Cobourg but I did not ride today as it was too cold.

  2. I waited at Westwood Park on Carlisle this AM but nobody showed up so I cycled to Colborne and back. Beautiful day for a ride… I met a couple of cyclists on the ride.

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