Thursday Nov. 8th: Ride from Grafton or from Cobourg (you choose)

With the end of evening rides for 2012, we are down to two rides per week. This Thursday we will do the Freewheelers’ “Grafton East” route with different distances to choose from: 31, 36,  and 51k options. You can increase the distance to over 72k by starting in Cobourg at Donegan Park at 9:30 and meeting up with the others in Grafton at 10:00.

We Listen to You—Saturday Rides!
We don’t just ask you to fill in the survey for nothing. We’ve heard the suggestions that people would appreciate the occasional Saturday rides and we can certainly accommodate. As the weather becomes more unpredictable with the changing seasons, we will assess the weekend weather conditions mid-week and choose the day that’s most promising for a ride. If it happens to be Saturday, then Saturday it is! (That being said however, this Sunday looks most desirable.)

Start time: 10:00 (Grafton) or 9:30 in Cobourg
Start location: Grafton Arena
Route map: “Grafton East” route map here
Ride Leader for the Scenic Group: Can someone volunteer?

Please indicate if you will start in Cobourg at 9:30 or Grafton at 10:00 so others can expect you. Also, please let us know if you are willing/able to lead the Scenic Group. All that’s required to be the ride leader is a little confidence in reading your map directions and the desire to ride at a comfortable social pace with the more leisurely crowd. (making sure of course that nobody gets dropped)


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7 Responses to Thursday Nov. 8th: Ride from Grafton or from Cobourg (you choose)

  1. Maria Garrett says:

    I’ll ride from Cobourg and I can lead the scenic group. (I have a meeting at 1 that I have to be back for)

  2. Luke De Sadeleer says:

    I’ll do the 36k route. I need to be back before 1.

  3. Rodger Cooper says:


    ORGANAIZE A BUS OR CAR POOL to kickoff the season — maybe followed by a dinner in Torono or a party in Cobourg

    3/01/13 — 3/03/13 27th annual International Bicycle Show — Toronto —

  4. Rodger Cooper says:

    Margaret and i are on for the 36 km ride — see you in Grafton

    Rodger Cooper

  5. Maria Garrett says:

    I hope someone going on the ride sees this in time, but I was just pumping my tires when I found a fine wire stuck in the back one which is hissing now that I’ve pulled it out. I can fix it but not fast enough to make the ride – sorry and hope you have a good ride (I may swing out that way once I change my tube).

  6. Luke says:

    Also last minute. Won’t be able to make it. Hope to go on the Sunday ride.

  7. nhcycling says:

    Rodger and Margaret……it looks like you might be alone! Be sure to have a route map with you, in case nobody else makes it.

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