Membership and Wings Night: The Mill 7:00 Feb 13th

All righty! We are finally ready to start taking memberships for 2013. The good news is that from now until February 13th you’ll be able to get your membership for our early-bird rate of $42 at our Membership and Wings Night. Friends and family are most welcome.(After Feb 13th the regular cost for membership will be $45).

New for 2013
One important new change for 2013 is that we will no longer by an OCA (Ontario Cycling Association) affiliated club. We’ve done our research, shopped around and are breaking away from the pack, going with a new insurance provider. For this reason, the membership fee of $42 (or $45 after Feb. 13th) will apply to all members.

We’ll also start taking orders for those snazzy club jerseys of ours so that you’ll be ready for cycling season (6 week delivery). The exact cost is unknown at the moment but will likely be about $68-$75.

Date: Wednesday February 13th
Time: 7:00pm
Place: The Mill Restaurant Pub

Please RSVP by commenting below so that we can make sure the pub sets aside enough space for us. If you cannot make it to Membership Night, you can still get the $42 rate by mailing or dropping your membership in person at Anita’s house. Email here for directions:

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20 Responses to Membership and Wings Night: The Mill 7:00 Feb 13th

  1. Doug Thompson says:

    I will be attending. See ya there.

  2. Roy and Diane Martin says:

    We will be there

  3. jenp83 says:

    Will be there…i have another person signing up with me!!

  4. David says:

    I am looking forward to a fun evening and a great year of cucling with friends, old and new.

  5. Jim says:

    Sounds like fun but due to the warm Florida weather I’ll have to miss the meeting. I think about you guys 3 – 4 times a week (actually every time we go for a 50 -100km bike ride) and look forward to the rides starting in May.

    • Anita Macklin says:

      As I head out on the crunchy snow, my face freezes and nose runs, and the furnace runs non-stop I’m aware that you are indeed rubbing it in! 🙂

  6. John says:

    Add me to the list

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  8. Debbie Robertson says:

    I will be there

  9. Pam Tate says:

    Can’t be there as it is yoga night for me. But I’ll send in a cheque. My niece and possibly my nephew are also going to join this year so there will be more young blood in the club. Hope they can keep up with the more “mature” riders.

  10. Harold and I will be attending.

  11. elaine cowling says:

    Yes, I will be there!!!

  12. elaine cowling says:

    My friend Colleen Polley will be there too!

  13. Marianne says:

    If Kirby is open, I’ll likely be on the hill. Otherwise, see you there !

  14. Peter Reitknecht says:

    Pete will be there Ruth will join late

  15. anne schmidt says:

    See you on 13th

  16. Elaine Cowling says:

    My friend Tammy Gilbert would like to join, she will come to the wing night too!

  17. terry says:

    i plan on attending as well.

  18. Lee Wakelin says:

    I will be along after the wings!

  19. Brian Neale says:

    Hi Anita – apologies for the last minute change of plans – we will join you tonight for fee paying and wings

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