Mountain Biking Madness in May

Photo courtesy of Northumberland Tourism.

Photo courtesy of Northumberland Tourism.

The NHCC goes off road! We’ve got mountain biking on the sched for three Saturdays in May, particularly geared for the teenaged crowd. The group will venture into the forest and discover how much fun it can be to step away from the X-box, leave the electronicals behind and get some real authentic fresh air.

It won’t be crazy neck-breaking technical stuff, but it will be fun.

Dates: May 4, 11 and 18 (Saturdays)
Times: 2:00-4:00
NHCC members: FREE
Non-NHCC members: $5 per ride (plus the signing of a waiver)
Age: 14-20 (and for the young at heart)

Got some friends? Got kids? Friends with teenagers? Let ’em know. More details will be provided as we get closer. Bike helmets are mandatory—no helmet, no ride!

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