Sandy Flats Pancake Ride: Saturday March 9

Yes, it’s very short notice, but we’ve been holding out hoping for a good weather forecast and it looks like the weather gods are working in our favour. 8° and sunny! As always though, keep your eye on the comments section to know for sure what’s happening.

We ride from Baltimore to Sandy Flat Sugar Bush, eat some pancakes, sausage and yummy maple syrup then pedal home. It doesn’t get any better than that! The route is approximately 60km it’s a hilly one, so if you haven’t been out there training, your legs are gonna be sore afterward. It’s not for the newbie rider! You can however, cut that distance in half by starting in Centreton at the main intersection, joining the group as they pass through. NOTE: If you start in Centreton, be ready to ride as soon as the group passes through. The warmed-up riders will chill way too much if they have to stop for any length of time.

Check out the route: Sandy Flats Breakfast route map

Date: Saturday March 9, 2013
Starting place (for the 60k): Baltimore Community Center (10:30am)
Starting in Centreton (30k): Main intersection (11:30-11:45, approx. Be ready to ride!)
Anticipated arrival at the Sugar Shack: 12:30-1:00pm

Admission to the Festival is $4.00 and another $7.00 if you are partaking in the pancake breakfast.

Location of Sandy Flat Sugar Bush map here

Please comment below if you are planning to ride. It’s nice for others to know that there will someone going, and they won’t be riding alone!


  1. At this moment, if the weather report doesn’t deterioriate, I’ll be there! I won’t be going like crazy on those hills though…..just sayin.

  2. Really? There’s nobody else coming? Jen? Sharon? Sue? Maria? Jamie? Where are y’all? Vivian’s in California, so she’s excused. 🙂

  3. I wasn’t quite sure what I was thinking when I did the math on when to meet for the 30k. If anyone’s planning to start there, we’ll likely be breezing through there at around 11:15, cuz it’s only 15k from the start.

      • Yep! Four of us went…..and yes, it was just as hard as we remembered. It was a really great day for riding, but ooooooh boy, I’m paying the price for not sitting in the saddle for two months. Don’t think I could have taken one more hill either. Hope you get out for a ride today!

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