Monday May 6th: First NHCC ride and BBQ to follow

This is it! This is the first official ride of the season, the one we’ve all been waiting for. Spring has finally sprung.

This ride will be our first Level 1 ride and will be the first of our “official” season. We’ll cover some rules of the road, basics of riding in a group and how the NHCC works. We’ll pedal around, get a feel for riding together. When it’s all done around 7:30 or so we’ll head over to Mike’s house for hot dogs and hamburgers (provided by the NHCC). Bring your own drinks, however.  🙂  All club members are welcome! It’s a great opportunity for all club members to get re-acquainted with each other after this long cold winter.

This ride will start an hour earlier than the normal start time, due to the BBQ afterward.

Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Difficulty: Level 1
Start location: South end of parking lot at industrial plaza (see map)
Ride Leaders: Maria Garrett and  Mike McLellan

Important: In order that we have enough hamburgers and hot dogs on hand, pleeeeease take a moment to either comment below that you are coming, or send us a quick email. 

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32 Responses to Monday May 6th: First NHCC ride and BBQ to follow

  1. John Howe says:

    I will be there

    • John Howe says:

      Unfortunately my allergies have been quite bad these past few days and riding would not be good. Sorry to miss! Enjoy

  2. Rodger and Margaret Cooper says:

    Have a great evening and BBQ and delightful rides in May.
    We are off to hike the Camino de Santiago in Spain on 22 April. We will be riding with you upon our return on 5 June.

    Ride On!!!

    Rodger and Margaret Cooper

    • Anita Macklin says:

      That sounds awesome! Are you watching “The Way” before you go? Another one of our club members did the Camino last year. Have fun and we’ll see you when you get back.

  3. Anita Macklin says:

    I, of course, will be there for the ride and the burgs & dogs.

  4. David says:

    It is in my calendar. I am looking forward to it.

  5. Klaus Schroeder says:

    If the weather is OK I’ll be there…even if it’s less than pouring I think…then again…OK, I’ll be there sort of for sure!

  6. Maria Garrett says:

    I will be there absolutely for sure!

  7. Louise Nadeau says:

    Great talking to you on the phone today.
    I’ll be there on May 6th.

  8. lorna dickson says:

    Amy and I plan to be there; see you May 6th!

  9. Jan Morton says:

    I would like to come out to try the first ride

  10. Pam Tate says:

    Can’t believe I will miss the first official ride of the season (and the food that will follow) but I will be in Toronto that evening. Have fun! See you on the next one.

  11. doug thompson says:

    I will be there

  12. Debbie Robertson says:

    I hope to be out for this event!

  13. George says:

    Will be there for the ride and food!

  14. Roy & Diane Martin will be there says:

    It will .be great to get the cycling legs working again

  15. Ria Colquhoun says:

    Yes. I will be there. Thanks.

  16. Heidi Croot says:

    Planning to join and looking forward to it. Hope to have figured out how to shift gears on my new bike by the time I get there! 🙂

    • Maria Garrett says:

      It’ll be great to have you Heidi, and if you haven’t figured out your gears by then there will be plenty of people who can help you!

  17. Patricia says:

    I am planning to be there! Can´t wait!

  18. Patricia Crowe says:

    I will be there.

  19. Lisa Poirier says:

    I’m looking forward to it. See you Monday.

  20. Pam Tate says:

    Things have changed and I don’t have to be in Toronto on the evening of May 6th so I’ll be riding instead. Yay! Glad that you’ve joined the club Heidi!

  21. Dawn says:

    I am coming, looking forward to it! Will bring registration form and money.

  22. Jen says:

    I will be there for the ride and the BBQ at Mike’s after. Looking forward to it….glad you can make it Pam!!

  23. maaike says:

    I plan to be there! Thanks for organizing the BBQ social.

  24. Chloe says:

    I’m planning on coming out!

  25. James Barnes says:

    I plan to be there. Not riding though.

  26. Dennis says:

    I will be there.

  27. Charlie says:

    Looking forward to the ride

  28. Jim Pare says:

    something’s come up and now I can’t make it – have fun!

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