Sunday May 26: Ride from The Mill (41k or 56k)

It’s a great route, according to the Thursday riders said. Levels 3 and 4 ride together until we part ways on Kennedy Rd, meeting up again later on Cavan Rd.

Start time: 10am
Start location: parking lot at The Mill Restaurant
Route Map (Level 3): 41km Printable route map (revised)
Route Map (Level 4): 56km Printable route map (revised)

Route Note: The map that’s generated by our mapping program contained a mistake so do not use the map from Thursday. The new map provided here contains the corrected instructions.

Ride Leader for Level 3: Mike McLellan
Ride Leader for Level 4: Anita Macklin


  1. Looking forward to actually showing up this time with both my body and the weather cooperating!! The 54km sounds fun, have not yet looked at the map but it the Jamieson twins are on the route I a may need its namesake in a bottle to help soothe my aches later in the day.

  2. Either route you take these are not wimpy rides. The long route has more distance BUT the short route includes those nasty Jamieson Twins.
    Hoping to see lots of you out there tomorrow.

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