Thursday May 10th: Ride from Precious Corners (42km or 54km) 10:00am

NHCC Level 3NHCC Level 4This ride will have a few hills and definitely some more distance. But there’s always a reward that goes along with that, and it’s the scenery. We’ll head up to Harwood where you can re-load your water bottles with great spring water, take in the view of Rice Lake, and then return.

How Levels 3 and 4 work:
Level 3 and Level 4 groups generally take the same route, but the level 4 group puts in some added distance prior to meeting up with the Level 3s at their start point. It is imperative that the level 3s be ready depart at 10am sharp because once the level 4s arrive they’ll be warmed up from cycling already and will chill quickly if they stop moving. Please be considerate and be dressed with your bike ready to roll.

Start Time (Level 3):10:00am sharp
Start Location (Level 3): The cemetery at Precious Corners (park along side of road)

Start Time (Level 4): 9:40am
Start Location (Level 4): The arena on Furnace St.

Route Map: Printable Route map with elevation chart or, if you are equipped with a GPS View the link on Ride with GPS
Ride leader: Anita Macklin (will start with level 4, then ride with level 3)

This is why we use the commenting section of the website! To let others know where you’ll be starting from so we know to expect you.


    • Hey Ben, it’s looking as though you may be all alone! Hopefully others come out and it doesn’t rain. Be sure to print out a map and have it with you just in case. (I am supposed to be ride leader but cannot make it tomorrow)

  1. oh brother…..a planning fail on my part. I won’t even be in town tomorrow in order to lead the ride. Is anyone else going, and willing to lead the way?

  2. I was hoping to make this ride but now I am feeling like I have too much to get done on Thursday and Friday. At any rate, if I am not at Precious Corners by 10, don’t wait for me.

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