Tuesday May 28, Port Hope Ride at 6:30

This ride has been cancelled due to unpredictable weather tonight.

Right now it’s looking like rain for tomorrow night, but if we all cross our fingers maybe it will stay away. As we were saying last week, speed and distance for this ride will vary depending on who wants to ride. If you’re departing from Cobourg meet in the parking lot of Canadian Tire at 6:05pm sharp, arriving at the Town Hall in Port Hope for 6:30. Use the comments section to let others know if you want to start from Canadian Tire (please).

Time: 6:30pm at Port Hope Town Hall (6:05 from Canadian Tire)
Difficulty level: (to be determined)
Start Location: Port Hope Town Hall north parking lot
Sunset: 8:45pm (lights required at 8:15pm)
Ride Leader: George Hussey and Pam Tate

Sunrise and Sunset for CobourgSunrise and Sunset

Lights on bikes and Sunset
The days are still getting longer, which is groovy, but eventually they’ll start to get slower, or you’ll be out a little later than you’d anticipated, so you need to know that cyclists are required to have lights on their bicycles beginning 30 minutes prior to sunset. The official sunset time can be found in the right hand column of the website, just below the weather links.


    • We’ve been trying hard but not with too much success! I think Anita maybe needs dance lessons as it couldn’t be my dancing.

  1. To ride or not to ride, that is the question. Or maybe the question really is: “When the heck is it going to warm up and stop raining?!” I’ll be there if it’s not raining but right now, it is not looking good. *sigh*

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