“All Levels” Ride and Wings at the Mill on Wednesday June 12

Yeah, I know it’s officially a “Level 2 night” but we’ve been getting rained out enough! This Wednesday night will be an All Levels ride night. We’ll all head out, do our respective routes and then for those who have a little time afterward can convene at The Mill for Wings and socializing. That’s the best part! And if you just don’t want to ride but you’ve got a hankering for some wings, feel free to come out for just the wings.

Important: Please comment below if you plan to ride tomorrow night so that we can make sure The Mill sets aside enough space for us.

Time: 6:30pm
Level 1.5 Ride Leader: Paul Mills (Note this will be a little more than Level 1)
Level 2 Ride Leader: Mike McLellan
Level 3 Ride Leader: Being determined
Level 4 Ride Leader: Vivian Vandenhazel

Level 2+ and Level 3 Route Map: Printable route map with elevations or, View the link on Ride with GPS
Level 4 Route Map here: printable map or link to Ride with GPS
Just so ya know, the Level 4 group is going to take on Bickle Hill and the Jamiesons. Bwaaaah ha ha ha!


  1. I am riding this evening! Also planning on joining everyone at the Mill, but I will have to make one detour beforehand. My wife will be joining us after I pick her up at the VIA station. What level of ride I will be doing will be determined by time.

    • Level 4 is a route we took last year called Bickle Hill/Jamieson Twins (about 36 km) . I can’t find the map on the website but I do have a copy from last year. We ride Elgin to Theatre then north to climb Bickle Hill road and left on Jamieson to get to those hills etc…..
      Perhaps as we have no level 3 ride leader it might be easiest if they took the level 2 route.

  2. Sorry…forgot to comment. I will be there for the ride but not the wings. (I think I need wings to ride…but the other kind, the ones that grow out of my Achilles tendons.)

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