“Still Riding to Survive” — Let’s support Sharon Ingle

Below is a request from our fellow club member, Sharon Ingle, to help support her (by making a small donation), to her Healing Cycle ride this coming Sunday. She is nothing short of an Inspiration for all of us!

SharonTo my new Northumberland cycling friends-
As many of you may know I just moved to Brighton and joined the bike club. I have been fighting advanced breast cancer for 5 years now, with every treatment and surgery you can think of. According to the Dr’s I should not be alive given the aggressiveness of the cancer. However, I “ride to survive” which so far has kept me on the upside of the road!

I had brain surgery in December as the cancer metastasized there and now I am doing a very aggressive radiation program that has never been tried before. The Dr says I have 6 months but then again he does not bike! Anyway, radiation finishes this Saturday and I have decided to participate in The Healing Cycle on Sunday to raise money for palliative care. I have participated in his ride since it’s beginning and hope by participating this year I will inspire someone else fighting this tough battle to get up and get moving doing something they love! My palliative care Dr Sauls is riding the 100kms.

I am asking for support from the Northumberland Hills cyclists by way of a small donation to help get me up and over those hills! This year I am riding 50 k due to the radiation fatigue but all participation helps! If you can help I would be very grateful. Please think of me this Sunday on the group ride and send hill energy!
Thank you

Sharon Ingle
Ride to survive!

Let’s show Sharon how supportive our club can be. Click here to Donate now.


  1. Sharon, I for one will be cheering you on in my thoughts not just on Sunday, but on every day that you fight that battle. Oh yes indeed, we’ll send some hill-energy all right!

    • Thanks so much Anita. I would love it if tomorrow morning you would say a word of thanks from me to the group. I really appreciate how supportive everyone has been! Maybe I will see you at the month end century-depends on my recovery. Sharon

  2. Could Sharon use some company on the ride? I’d like to try and join her team if she has one. Anyone else?

    • Thanks Jim-I am good for riders. To ride you would have to sign up and register so let’s just do a recreation next week maybe on the Sunday ride!
      Thank you for your support!

  3. Let’s show Sharon all the support we can and help fuel her fighting spirit up those hills.
    Our club is composed of many generous people. Lets donate to Sharon’s cause and show her we are behind her.
    We will all be thinking of you this Sunday Sharon.

    • Randy-thank you so much for your support. I hope to be out to the club ride next Sunday with a few pics from the ride to share! Sharon

  4. Sharon,

    I will doing the ride as well, planning on the 100km. If you need some ride/road support please let me know.

    • David-please come and find me at the BBQ after the ride. I will be easy to spot-I have a bald head with henna! Unless it is raining in which case the rain and the henna don’t do well together- so look for a pink hat.

  5. If Joining Sharon on the ride is an option then I would like to be part of her group.
    My wife Kelly has a story much like Sharon’s and maybe, just maybe, my wife’s story will help Sharon stay inspired. People like Sharon and my Kelly can teach us all a lot about how to live.

    • Rich-I would love to meet your wife sounds like we can share some stories for sure! I hope to be out to the club ride next Sunday so let me know if you will be there. Thank you so much for your support!

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