Sunday June 2: Shelter Valley ride (52 or 36km) 10am

Due to forecast thunderstorms, this ride has been re-scheduled to 1:00pm today

Choose your distance, either 52 or 36km. (Just like we did on Thursday). Both groups travel the same route most of the time but at different speeds, and the Level 4 group has a little more distance by turning left on Lyle St. in Grafton rather than right. Level 3 makes a right and heads down into Grafton, and then back. (No Shelter Valley Rd. for the Level 3).

Time: 10:00am (Level 4) and 10:05 (Level 3)
Start Location: Donegan Park
Route Map (Level 4) 52km: Printable route map here or Link to Ride with GPS
Route Map (Level 3) 36km: Printable route map here or Link to Ride with GPS
Ride Leaders: Anita Macklin (Level 4) and VOLUNTEER NEEDED for  (Level 3)

Let us know by commenting whether you’re planning to do the Level 3 or Level 4 ride. See you all tomorrow!


  1. Can’t go, as usual, but Isabelle and I are planning to ride together at 8am (*yawn*) so we’ll be finishing up when you are getting started. Have fun!

  2. Thw weather in Warkorth is wet and windy, the forecast calls for more of the same. The Weather Network is calling for rain unitl 11 in Cobourg; what does apeak out the window say?

  3. Yep, weather is looking a little precarious at the moment. The radar weather feature seems to show what’s happened, but isn’t showing me what’s projected which isn’t particularly useful. Gonna monitor the weather for another 45 minutes or so and make the call…..

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