Sunday June 30th: NON-Century Ride for Normal Folks

Just in case you aren’t quite up to a 107km ride, we’ll have a more local, smaller option. Since the “usual” ride leaders may all be on the 107k, it’s important that everyone prints out their own maps for this ride. Besides, it’s good to be independent!

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: parking lot at The Mill Restaurant
Route Map (Level 3): 41km Printable route map
Route Map (Level 4): 56km Printable route map

Please comment below if you are going to participate on this ride. It’ll help others to know that there will be someone to ride with while the crazy folks are doing the Century ride. (By the way—After this Sunday, morning rides for July and August will start at 9:00am rather than 10:00.)

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  1. I’m up for the 41km route, possibly even the 56km. I move more like the tortoise than the hare, so even a 41k ride takes me a good long time 🙂

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