Sunday June 9th: Local ride from Donegan Park 10am

For those who aren’t heading up to Warkworth for the ride tomorrow, we have a local option for you. Meet at Donegan for 10am and the group will head up north doing the Rice Lake via Bewdley.

Time: 10am
Start location: Donegan Park
Route Map (Level 3): 41km Printable route map or Link on Ride with GPS
Route Map (Level 4): 56km Printable route map or Link on Ride with GPS
Ride Leader (Level 4):
Ride Leader (Level 3): Paul

Let Vivian know you are riding. Use the comment section below to say, “Yipppeeeee yeeeeha YES, I’ll ride!” 🙂


  1. Yipppeeeee yeeeeha YES, I’ll ride!

    Do you know which of the three Warkworth routes we’ll be riding? I’ll plot it out for anyone with a GPS:

    Warkworth Distance Description
    Trent River Truckin’ 63 km
    Warkworth Wanderer 35 km or
    53 km
    The Pike Ride 60 km or
    33 km

    …unless there is a link I am not seeing for the already posted GPS versions?
    cheers, Carlos

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