Thursday EVENING ride, June 20th: 31, or 48km

In case you can’t make the morning ride, no worries. We’re trying it out to see if an evening ride will work for the Level 3 and 4s too. Same route as the morning group, but we start at 6:30 at the Town Hall! Lights on your bikes will be required. (Note: There is no 64km option for this ride, due to daylight hours)

The difference between the Level 3 and Level 4 is that the Level 3 takes a short cut by turning south on Morrish Church Rd and heading down to the Lakeshore, while the Level 4 continues West until they turn south on Newtonville Rd to travel south to the Lakeshore.

Start time: 6:30pm
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall
Route map, Level 4 (48km): 48km printable route map or link to Ride with GPS
Route map, Level 3 (31km): 31km printable route map or link to Ride with GPS
Ride leader (Level 3): Pam Tate
Ride leader (Level 4): George Hussey

We need volunteers for ride leaders. Anyone want to take that on? It’s easy stuff! If you are riding on this EVENING ride, it’s important that you comment below that you are coming so that we can plan accordingly.


    • Unfortunately something has come up so I will have to ride this morning! And if we are testing out a night that works for a level 3/4 ride I am good for Mon – Wed usually.

  1. Walter and I will join the group at the corner of Bruton and Victoria Streets once you all make it up the hill.

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