Thursday June 13th: Ride from Donegan Park at 10am

This ride is cancelled due to lack of participation in the requested RAIN DANCE. 🙂

What a great turnout Wednesday night for the All Levels Ride and Wings. You see, when there’s beer involved a lot more people seem to show up! It was great to meet all those fabulous partners and spouses who so generously loan out their significant others to ride their bikes with us so frequently.

Level 3 and Level 4’s: It sounds like rain at the moment, but who knows. We’ll plan anyways cuz anything can happen. The Level 4s rode hard tonight on those hills that seemed to never end so it’s probably wise to cut it back a bit tomorrow morning and ride flat and easy. So, we’re heading out along the Waterfront Trail toward Wicklow (and beyond if you feel up to it). Level 3s can do the same, though it may be a little slower pace.

Start time: 10am
Start location: Donegan Park
Route: Waterfront Trail Eastbound (no map required)
Ride Leaders: Vivian and Anita


  1. This ride: Officially cancelled! I’ve never seen so many rides get cancelled due to lousy weather. And I’m not so sure we’re getting our share of global warming around here either. :0

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