2nd Annual Presqu’ile Ride, Picnic, & Swim. Thurs. July 25th

This one you should mark on your calendar. A lot of folks enjoyed this trip last year, hence our Second Annual Ride, Picnic and Swim. Here’s how it works:

NHCC Members drop off coolers, swim suits towels etc. at 9am at Donegan Park where Paul’s wife Jill will kindly transport it all to Presqu’ile Park while we hop on our bikes and cycle there. We take a big long break for a couple of hours to enjoy a swim, a picnic, and a little relaxation time before riding back to Cobourg.

Don’t let the distance scare you off. It’s a flat route, and easier than you might think. And with that big long break in there you won’t even notice that you actually went close to 100k by the end of the day. It doesn’t get any easier than that. If you are able to ride about 45-50k continuously now, you can probably handle the distance.

A great big advance Thanks goes to Paul and Jill for making it happen!

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: Donegan Park
Level of Difficulty: Levels 2+, 3 and 4
Ride leaders: Being determined (check back later)

Please use the commenting section to indicate your intention to participate so Jill knows how many to expect.


  1. As of this week the beaches are closed for swimming at Prequ’ile high pollution from the hot humid weather. Next time I am riding at the park I will check for the closed signs. Should be there in the next couple days

    • Hi Sharon As you live close is it possible to check just before we go if the beach is closed due to bacteria? Thanks

  2. I’ll ride….and picnic….probably won’t swim (unless the water is like 82), but will happily take pictures & stuff. No rain in the forecast. See you all tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Have a wonderful time everyone. I unfortunately have to work.
    Hope it is as good as last years event.

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