Sunday July 14: “Shelter Valley Shuffle” route with the TBN


This Sunday we will join both the Ganaraska Freewheelers and the TBN (Toronto Bike Network) for a new route that Brian Hedney has developed, the “Shelter Valley Shuffle”. There are three options to choose from and if you wish to stop in Grafton for a small lunch break, be sure to throw a sandwich (or something) in your back pocket. It’s important that everyone print out a map and bring it with you.  (For this ride, we’ll depart at 10:00 with the others, rather than 9am)

Start time: 10am
Start location: Parking lot on Covert St. in Cobourg
Route map (54k): Printable route map here, or link to Ride with GPS
Route map (84k): Printable route map here, or link to Ride with GPS
Route map (103k): Printable route map here, or link to Ride with GPS

Ride Leader (54k): Being determined
Ride Leader (84k): Being determined
Ride Leader (103k): Being determined

Additional NHCC ride: 74km Rice Lake Rumble Medium
Start Time: 9am
Start Location: Donegan Park
Ride Leader: Vivian VandenHazel
Route map: Rice Lake Ramble Medium


Please comment below what route you plan to ride you are able to lead one of the four distances.


  1. I will not be doing the TBN ride at 10am, if anyone would like to ride the Rice Lake Ramble 74 km level 4 I will be at Donegan at 9am.

  2. Planning on the 84 or the 100+. If there is no interest in these distances then I will, once agian , be lead by Vivian:).

    • I have the map for 84 km also it is a bit more along Rice Lake. Are you riding at 9am? That is when I am riding, 10 am is too late.

  3. Just a heads up, I rode between Harwood and Alderville today and there`s about a mile of fresh chip and tar. I had no problems but had to ride in the packed tire tracks.

    • Is that the route we took Thursday, where the shoulders were done but now the whole road? But you say it is rideable?

  4. Got an email saying there may be a 2 hour parking limit on Covert St, then a ticket, does TBN know this??

  5. Anita and I will be riding one of the 10am routes. We are just back from the woods and still in vacation mode, not sure what distance we will commit to. Will decide in the parking lot likely.

  6. Its about a mile long stretch east of Golden beach I rode it but had to stay in the tire tracks that the cars had already packed down. Outside of the tracks it was still vvery loose.

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