Thursday, August 1st: Ride from Precious Corners

The forecast shows rain, but if we keep our fingers crossed that might change and if it does, here’s the plan:

Start Time (Level 3):9:00am sharp
Start Location (Level 3): The cemetery at Precious Corners (park along side of road)

Start Time (Level 4): 8:40am
Start Location (Level 4): The arena on Furnace St.

Route Map: Printable Route map with elevation chart or, if you are equipped with a GPS View the link on Ride with GPS
Ride leaders: being determined

Let us know where you’ll be starting from so we know to expect you and if you are able to lead one of the reads, please let us know!


  1. The ride instructions are blank for me, it does not show any streets, if you check the map Sharon is about 42km.

  2. That’s weird, about the map not having Street names on it. I’ve replaced it now and made a slight modification to the route. What remains to be seen however is what condition Ball Rd. may be in. Does anyone know?

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