Thursday July 11 Evening Ride Rice Lake Ramble Short

This is a shorter version of the Thursday morning. If you are riding, please use the comment section to let others know. The map shows that this ride is starting from the Marina but it will start from Donegan Park instead. Although it doesn’t really get dark until 9:00 it would be prudent to have lights on your bike (since they are required as of 8:28pm).

Updated route map

Start time: 6:30pm

Start location: Parking lot Donegan Park

Route map: Printable route map here

Ride Leader: Vivian VandenHazel

Sunset: 8:58pm (lights required at 8:28pm)


  1. As no one has offered to lead this ride yet, if you are riding print a map and let others know you are looking for company.

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