Wednesday July 3rd: Level 2 Ride, 20km (with a few medium hills)

This ride starts at Donegan Park in Cobourg and we will ride to Baltimore where we turn around and come back. There are a few medium sized hills on this ride but we are going to take it sloooooow and learn some strategies to get up those hills. The scenery outside of town is worth the climb.

Criteria for a level 2 ride:

  • Ideal option for beginners and seasoned riders who want to take it easy for a change
  • Best if you are interested in seeing a little scenery and yakking with others
  • Any type of bike will do, though a hybrid or road bike will make it easier on you!
  • Test your endurance just a little
  • Distances starting at 15km progressing to 35km as the season progresses
  • Experienced ride leaders will accompany the group
  • Nobody will get dropped, the group stays together
  • A comfortable pace of about 15-20km per hour
  • Brief stops for hydration or to re-group

Hey, all you level 3 and 4′s! Never underestimate the value of some easier riding. The ones who have come out to support others always report how much fun they have! You get to ride and talk.

NHCC Tee Shirts will be available for purchase at the end of the ride for $15

Start time: 6:30pm
Start location: Donegan Park parking lot
Route map: Printable route map with elevations or, View the link on Ride with GPS
Difficulty: Level 2+
Ride Leader: Mike Mclellan



  1. Wednesday July 4.? is it Weds 3 or Thurs 4th?Mike I’d love to join up with you guys I’m new to Cobourg and Have been cycling on my own for a bit. Would love to come ride. Do I need anything to bring?

    • Ian
      You will need to sign a waiver for insurance and I will need 5 dollars.
      Good catch on the date.

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