Century Ride Support Details for Sundays

At the moment the forecast calls for 30% chance of rain, so we’re still on schedule!

For all participating in the Century 100/160k ride this weekend, fellow club member Dennis Benson has kindly offered his time and his vehicle to offer support.  At the start point each rider can put a small backpack or bag into the vehicle prior to departure. You may wish to drop off a lunch (please ensure you include any necessary chill-packs). The following support will be offered:

100k: Support vehicle will be present at the Lighthouse in Presqu’ile when riders arrive. The following will be provided to all riders: Trail mix, bananas, fig newtons, gatorade and fresh, cold water. Take as long a break as you wish, enjoy some snacks, and re-load water bottles before heading back to Cobourg.

160k: Same as the 100k. PLUS, after the riders depart the park for their additional 60k, they return to the park entrance where Dennis will be available once more with the same food, gatorade, and water. Dennis will then “sweep” as the riders continue back to Cobourg.


  1. Dennis,
    Thanks for volunteering your time to ensure the NHCC members have a great day in the saddle! It would have been nice if you actually did the ride with us! See you Sunday morning. Once again, thank you for the support!

  2. will be leaving for ottawa about the same time as the ride starts, wish i could be there!
    have a great day…RRRMWA!

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