Friday August 9th: Inter-club Ride and Potluck (Levels 1-4)

There will be no Thursday EVENING ride option this week. Instead, there will be an inter-club combined NHCC and Ganaraska Freewheelers ride followed by a potluck at Randy’s home (Your NHCC president) on Friday Evening. We meet at his house, head out for a ride (distances between 14 and 47k), and then upon return we’ll eat and socialize. All levels of riders are welcome and there will be suitable distances to choose from for all levels.

For the Potluck: In keeping with traditional Freewheelers fashion, please bring a dish to share (including serving utensils), your own plate & flatware, and preferred beverage.
Start time: 5:30pm
Start location: Randy’s house
Route maps:
Level 1 (14km): Printable route map here, or link to Ride with GPS
Level 2 (30km): Printable route map here, or link to Ride with GPS
Level 3,4 (47km): Printable route map here, or link to Ride with GPS
Lights required on bikes at: 8:00pm (Sunset at 8:30)

IMPORTANT: Please RSVP by commenting below if you are coming so that Randy can anticipate numbers. We don’t want to publish his address on the Big Web so if you need his address please send us a quick email and we’ll fire it off to you.


  1. I will be joining the ride and thanks to Randy’s generous hospitality I will be picking liz up at 7:30 to join us for dinner.

  2. I am hoping to attend both the ride and the potluck if I have success in adjusting my work schedule.

  3. RuthAnne and I need Randy’s address as well please.

    We will try to make it to ride and potluck.


  4. Hello Folks

    Just a quick reminder to please bring a lawn chair if at all possible. I have a few but probably not enough.
    Also the pool is open and has warmed up, however the hot tub is also open (its small) for those who need it warmer.
    We hope to have a Bon Fire also.

    Looking forward to seeing you all tonight.


  5. Unfortunately I will not be able to go on the ride tonight, I was severely bitten by a dog the a couple of nights ago while riding on the country roads north of Colborne.

    I’m sure everyone has had dogs charging at their bikes on a regular basis — but this is the first time I’ve been bitten.

    Does anyone have any tips to share on avoiding this in future? Friends have suggested I take a can of mace with me.

    • That’s terrible, Sophia! I hope you are healing well, and that you vigorously pursue the matter with the dogs owner. While I’ve been chased before, I’ve never been bitten, but I live in fear of that possibility.

      If you can’t ride, you are still most welcome to come to the potluck portion which will probably start about 8:00. Perhaps others there may have some dog-deterrent suggestions for you.

    • So sorry to hear that “one” got you! I hope you’ve reported it to the police. On my website there’s an article about dogs. I hope this will give you insight and a few tips on how to deal with them. Get well and hope to see you on a ride soon!

      • Sorry to hear Sophia. How unfortunate to have irresponsible dog owners let the their dogs run loose like that. My wife has an extreme fear of dogs and will NOT ride country roads. She’d be traumatized for life if that happened to her.

  6. Hi Everyone,
    Sorry I couldn’t join you for the ride and food as I’m heading to the US shortly. Hope you all have a great ride and I know the food/beer:) will be awesome! Be safe!

  7. Ball road is nasty. The rain has exposed lots of Gravel stones.
    Dale Road has a nice bike lane from Racetrack to Burnham.

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