Monday August 19 Ride for All Levels: “Cycling Safety on the Road”

This ride is about skill, not speed and suitable for Levels 1-4. Most of us are accustomed to riding on the road and participating in group rides, and it’s awesome that fitness and endurance levels are improving. However, there are traffic cycling principles that would improve our Cycling Safety on the Road. Members of all levels will benefit from this evening’s ride where we are going to cover in detail:

  • Where on the road do you ride (and where not!)
  • Positioning in Lanes (narrow lanes, wide lanes, lanes with parked cars)
  • Intersections (position when turning left, right, or going straight)
  • Left turns on multi-lane roads

All riders will benefit from participating, learning, reviewing and even sharing some lessons learned whether you’ve been riding for years or just getting started this summer.


Start time: 6:30pm (daylight hours are getting shorter all the time)
Start location: The Arena on Furnace St.
Ride leader: Anita Macklin

Did you know?
One study has shown that nearly all bicyclist fatalities (92%) occurred as a result of crashes with motor vehicles and most crashes (89%) occurred at or near intersections? (Nicaj, L., Stayton, C., Mandel-Ricci, J., McCarthy, P., Grasso, K., Woloch, D., et al. (2009). Bicyclist fatalities in new york city: 1996-2005. Traffic Injury Prevention, 10(2), 157-161.)


  1. When will you do this ride again? My husband and I are interested in coming out and seeing what it is all about.

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