Sunday Aug. 4th: Ride for those who don’t feel like 100k (42k or 50k)

Not everyone wants to do a hilly hundred, and since the Thursday morning ride was cancelled due to rain, we’re just re-scheduling it for Sunday. If you start from Precious Corners the distance is 42k. Starting from The Mill a little earlier adds 8km for a 50km total.

Start Time (Level 3):9:00am sharp
Start Location (Level 3): The cemetery at Precious Corners (park along side of road)

Start Time (Level 4): 8:40am
Start Location (Level 4): The arena on Furnace St.

Route Map: Printable Route map with elevation chart or, if you are equipped with a GPS View the link on Ride with GPS
Ride leaders: Level 3: Mike McLellan

If you are planning to ride, please ensure you’ve printed out a route map and review it in advance. If you are able to lead the ride, please comment to let us know!


  1. I am considering the 100K distance, but I could be talked into this ride, if perhaps we get lost and add another 20K 🙂

    • If you cycle in from PH to the Mill and back that is another 20K. Getting lost is far too easy and you could end up doing over 100K like last year. C U at 8:30 at the Mill.

  2. Ok, I’m going to ride in and meet this group at Precious Corners – that should add just enough!

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